The Dorm Life Cast




Kaelin Vedra (Kay)
Kay is a freshman at Duke University at 17 years of age, due to spontaneously skipping 2nd grade. She is majoring in English, thinks puppies are cuter than babies, and believes that unicorns prefer solitude which is why she is yet to see one. Annie is her roommate.
Annie Martin
Annie is a freshman at Duke like Kay. She is 18 and is going into medicine. Like the typical medical student, she believes in faeries (the legit kind), eating breakfast at night, and falling in love with a guy because his last name rhymes with "fish." She also dyes her hair multiple colors because it's gangsta. She is Kay's roommate.
Evan Heywood
Evan is studying Engineering at Duke and is a bit of a closet nerd. He plays multiple sports although he prefers video games. He is a freshman as well and his roommate is Zach Wish.
Zachary Wish (Zach)
Zachary Wish got into Duke because of his achievements in sports and doesn't seem very sharp. He plays basketball, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse, and sometimes fences. He is always surrounded by girls and seems unaware of the fact that they are often dumber than he is. He is a sophomore.
Tabitha Small (Tabby/Tabbs)
Tabitha is a freshman at Duke and lives to study. She was valedictorian at her high school during freshman year (somehow possible). Her academic excellence is not from her intelligence, but hard work. Of course, that doesn't mean she's stupid. She is taking Psychology in hopes of going all the way and becoming a doctor.
Carmen Vandalay
She is a junior at Duke. She wants Zach. According to Annie, Carmen's major is Slutology and the History of Ho. According to Zach, it's Biology. According to Annie, it's all the same. Her roommate is Sasha.
Sasha Leighton
Supposedly, Sasha Leighton's parents bought her into Duke. She is Carmen's roommate and loves bubbles and lacy bras. No one is quite sure what her major is, or if she has one at all. Or if she even goes to Duke. Or if she has a middle school education.